Thursday, 18 March 2010

British Sea Power

British Sea Power have finished recording and mixing their fifth studio and follow up to the highly acclaimed "Man of Aran".

Over the past few years it is difficult to say that BSP have changed a great deal but this is no complaint. They carry a sound like so few other bands where they can move from five minutes of atmospheric noise reminiscent of sitting by an abandoned pier on a cloudy day, to a guitar driven cacophony in seconds and make it work almost as well as Doves.

The noise in the press surrounding the band has grown over the last few years in a way almost identical to the sound they create and after their first and second albums the hype surrounding "Do You Like Rock Music" hit out as powerfully as the guitar on opening track "All In It".

I believe that with this release we could see the band push themselves in to the limelight in a simliar way as Elbow did with "The Seldom Seen Kid" and Doves did with "Kingdom of Rust" and their almost cult following deserves to grow in the same way.

Not only are they set to release the album soon but tickets for Tan Hill festival which the band organise, go on sale tomorrow. The tickets are more expensive than last year because the band actually made a loss but this year there promises to be more bands and if your not satisfied the bands guitarist Noble, is willing to buy yo a pint.

Check out the details on the bands blog here aswell as three beautiful tracks from "Man of Aran".